Scarlett, QLD

I have never been one to have any self-control with what I ate, how much I ate or regular exercise. I kind of just strutted along, which I thought I was happy with until I started BBR. BBR has completely changed my way of life, I worked my butt off, challenged myself to being strict with clean eating and pushing myself harder every session. I sleep better, feel better inside & inside & out, I’m less sleepy and I’m completely addicted to BBR workouts & the BBR family.


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Rachel Dillon On Instagram

  • LAAAAA  Straight off the plane quick nap and a
  • Fresh hair feels I get soooo many questions about my
  • Goal this year smaller waist perkier glutes
  • NEW RD X MN DROPPING SOON  So excited for
  • BACK AND SHOULDERS  wbffofficial Worlds in just 2 weeks
  • Im soooooo excited!!!!! 1 week and I am off to

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