Maxine Cochrane

Training with Rachel has honestly been one of the best things that I have done in my life.

She showed me how to really train; my fitness has drastically improved and I am stronger than I’ve been in my life, not only physically, but mentally too, because of her. She really gets inside your head and finds out what motivates you, pushing you further than you ever thought you would go.

She’s taught me how to break through my barriers, how to eat properly for my goals and gives constant support that never waivers.

Because of BBR, I become happier with my body each and every day. My absolute favorite part about training with Rachel? SHE BUILT ME A BOOTY and I couldn’t be happier, and let’s be honest, neither could my partner 😉

Thanks BBR <3

Success Stories

Take a look at the amazing success stories my clients have had, read their stories and become inspired to make the change today!

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