Maddison achieved these results using our 6 Week Build a Booty Challenge.

Maddison’s testimonial:

“Thank you girls so much for the past six weeks! I have always been an active person who enjoys to eat healthy/relatively clean. This challenge has taught me so much more on my fitness journey and I cannot wait to continue with this lifestyle. I have learnt how to fuel my body with nutritious whole foods, the importance of nutrient timing and how having a balanced diet with no restrictions gets results!! I have learnt how to use IIFYM which I love.

I didn’t begin this challenge to lose weight necessarily but I have lost 5kg and feel in the best condition I have in my life. I feel lean and tight, I have worked out which foods bloat me and I feel much tighter around my waist and booty which makes me so excited.

I have learnt so much along the way with the support of you girls as well as the FB forum which is an amazing supportive group of like-minded strong woman. I plan to take a short break until I start my 8 week personalised program which I am so looking forward to continuing my fitness journey and smashing even more goals.

Thanks BBR girls, I cannot thank you enough for supporting my journey as well as further my knowledge and growth.”


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