Kimberley, QLD

I honestly couldn’t be happier with my results from Bodies by Rachel. Rach and Jaryd provide you with constant help and advice whilst putting you through intense training sessions that you know will give you results. The meal plans that are set can be maintained on a long term basis without the feeling of being on a ‘diet’. BBR has now become part of my lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine life without the amazing people and trainers. If you haven’t given BBR a go, I would recommend it 110%. Along with amazing results you make lifelong friends and surround yourself with extremely motivating and passionate women.

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  • Fresh hair feels I get soooo many questions about my
  • Goal this year smaller waist perkier glutes
  • NEW RD X MN DROPPING SOON  So excited for
  • BACK AND SHOULDERS  wbffofficial Worlds in just 2 weeks
  • Im soooooo excited!!!!! 1 week and I am off to

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