Emma R

6 Week Shred Before & After

“I honestly didn’t think I’d made many changes and was feeling down because there was only 3.5kg difference from start to finish, but I’m so glad you encouraged us to do the good before photos no matter how much I didn’t want to at the time!

I honestly don’t think I thought about just how much happier I am now too, on top of everything else & this is honestly the first Christmas in my whole life that food isn’t controlling every choice I make and it feels so good.

Thank you again!”

Success Stories

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Rachel Dillon On Instagram

  • The world is not against you  I too often
  • Massive shoutout to this Queen Tess   Tess has
  • Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed
  • Everyone strives off inspiration  I am lucky enough to
  • My 1 supporter my absolute rock! Words cannot describe the

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