Danielle, QLD

I started BBR because I had put on a lot of weight over a 6 month period, I was extremely unhappy in myself with my appearance and self-confidence!!

I remember going into my first weigh in and being highly shocked with my body composition, because of that I was more embarrassed and nervous to start my first session! That changed instantly with my first session, I felt welcomed to the BBR family!

I have now done 3 rounds of BBR this being my 4th and I will continue to do so, as my partner says … BBR gals do it better!!

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  • The world is not against you  I too often
  • Massive shoutout to this Queen Tess   Tess has
  • Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed
  • Everyone strives off inspiration  I am lucky enough to
  • My 1 supporter my absolute rock! Words cannot describe the

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