Alex achieved these life changing results using our 6 Week Shred.

Alex’s testimonial:

“Thank you so much for this challenge it’s really kicked me in the bum to get my fitness and health back on track first 9.3 pound babe it took me my wedding and 2 years to lose the weight this time second babe around (10.1pound) I’m back to pre birth weight within 6 months – I put on 22 kg each pregnancy. I loved that it was so affordable and practical to do in the space of my own home. With having such big babes my stomach will never ever be perfect and I’ll always be paranoid about this area but your bikini body challenge can only help to improve this area again!!

I’ve lost 4.3 kgs which has been an enormous achievement for me as I’m still feeding unalike some I don’t lose any weight that feeding because I’m usually sooo hungry and didn’t drop any weight first time round until I stopped feeding !! This time round I knocked that on the head !!

Thank you SO much!!!!!

Bring on the next challenge!!”


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