With round 3 of the BBR BOOTY CHALLENGE starting up again on the 31st of July I have had SO many booty related questions and girls wanted tips and tricks on how to build the booty.

So I thought I would share some of those with you here today. Unfortunately there is no secret; in fact I use a these 5 relatively easy principals consistently to achieve results.


Mind to Muscle Connection and Booty Activation

In simple terms, glute activation means to simply wake up the glutes. It is the connection between brain and muscle (mind muscle connection) that tells your glutes to get ready to work! Glute activation should be done before your workout.


The most common cause that people suffer from under-active glutes (AKA “glute amnesia”) is largely due to their sedentary lifestyle. If you spend the majority of your day sitting down, working a desk job etc. then you are not using your glutes. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, our glutes do not activate much during the course of out day thus, the muscle tends to shut down and atrophy quite quickly.

This is why it is SO important to use techniques to “wake up” your glutes before training to have them working correctly during your training sessions.

The reason most people cannot develop their glutes is because they cannot activate or “fire” their glutes correctly during their training sessions. What this means is that instead of your glutes doing the work, other parts of your legs are compensating; leading to growth in the other areas, such as the hamstring and the quadriceps with the booty falling completely short.

Whilst you are training,  it is so important to have your mind focus specifically on the muscle you want to growdirect ALL of your attention to feeling the movement in your glute for example. If you cant feel the exercise working and the muscle engage, shift your stance slightly, align your hips etc. until you can feel what your doing. Also SQUEEZE, follow through with the movement – take it slow and DO NOT RUSH. Over time, persistence will pay off and eventually your body will become better at naturally activating your glutes without you having to try so much.


You can view me activating with booty bands in this video:




The BIGGEST myth on booty building and is the reason why so many women fail in their efforts to achieve better booty’s is because they have been told and believe that in order to grow a peach you must only squat and lunge. “she has a booty – she must squat” – NO NO NO NO NO. Yes, they’re good exercises if you are looking to building your entire leg or your quads. The reason why these exercises don’t work is they are compound movements (multiple muscles are being used at once). So typically we will activate our quads first, hamstrings second and glutes last, in fact these exercises actually don’t target your glutes much at all leaving us with thicker legs over all.

You NEED to do isolation movements, which target your glutes directly if you want to build the booty! You also need to leave your ego at the door, booty building isn’t about weight, it is about time under tension, mind to muscle concentration and THE SQUEEZE! Go lighter (so that you recruit less of your back and core to help ***still use a challenging weight) – squeeze more.

The following 4 exercises focus predominantly on the glutes. Remember to use the mind and muscle connection principal. After you activate your glutes these exercises should BURN!!!

  1. Weighted hip thrusts (I generally do heavy drop sets using a smith machine)
  2. Cable kick backs
  3. Smith machine weighted kick ups
  4. Booty Abductor drop sets.

You can see some of my favorite booty exercises in this video.



Another myth is that you should only train glutes once or twice per week, THIS IS SO WRONG! Glutes have three different muscles and they are individually quite small, thus, they can and SHOULD be trained much more than that! Ladies, if you are trying to grow a booty, you should make the glutes the primary emphasis of each workout. You should be training glutes 3-4 times per week for optimal results and incorporating ATLEAST 3 glute specific exercises each session. Glutes should be hit with variety; mixing up weight styles between light with high reps to very heavy with low reps and of course adding in some plyometrics as well. If you follow me on YouTube, you will notice that no two of my work outs are ever the same:


Tip Number 4 …. CUT THE CARDIO

Have you every noticed that the majority of long distance runners don’t have booty’s? That’s because you can quite literally “run your ass off”. STOP DOING SO MUCH CARDIO. Yes it has place in weight loss and fat burning, however if done incorrectly or too often it isn’t going to help your gains. 30-45 minutes 2-3 times per week is enough. An incline walk (no holding) on the treadmill is probably the best cardio for the glutes, or better yet go for incline sprint intervals (notice how sprinters have booty’s ;)) or plyometric leg exercises. Also please make note, that if you are going to do cardio and weight training together ALWAYS do cardio post lifting, not before. This ensures you have all your energy put in to your lifts; you don’t want to start your weight training depleted so you’re eating in to your muscles whilst you’re working out.


My Fifth Tip….EAT

You know I say this all the time but it is true! Nutrition is key to building a PERKY PEACH. Diet is 80 percent of the race, training is just 20. If you are eating low calorie or very low carbs you are literally starving your muscles, especially your booty. If you want to build muscle, you need to eat!!! You need to also ensure you aren’t starving your muscles whilst you train. I always sip on my EHP Beyond BCAAs (Use my code RACHEL10 at for discount) whilst I am working out and I make sure I get my quick acting protein and simple carbs in post work out too. You can see an example of my diet here


If you enjoyed this blog and would like to know more about these principals or where you can train like this, the BUILD A BOOTY CHALLENGE may be for you. I have worked really hard to guarantee that all of these principals are met and incorporated throughout my challenge to ensure growth in the booty department. In the program, I have paired customized nutrition along with BOOTY SPECIFIC TRAINING to ensure your peaches are perky #pancakestopeaches

If you would like to know more or if you are yet to sign up, please email . There is just over two weeks to go – Challenge Starts the 31st of July!

<3 Ray

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