If you are new to health and fitness, are looking to better your lifestyle or are looking to get back on track then this post is for you. Below are my top tips for getting started.


Have a starting point and track your progress.

This is where it all begins. This is where the process starts and you have decided to make a change. Tracking progress is one of the best ways to stay on track as you are able to see physical changes or feel the difference in yourself. I like to take measurements and progress photos each week or fortnight. This way I am able to track how far I have come and make changes if necessary. It keeps you accountable.



What does “smart” stand for? Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based. Have a goal that is specific, can be measured, is achievable and realistic (eg is it realistic to loose 20 kg in 4 weeks… no) , and give yourself a time frame. I also always suggest attaching an emotion to your WHY and your goal. You why is “why are you doing this”, “why are you making the change”. When there is deep emotion attached to your goal you are less likely to quit.


Make small changes.

The biggest mistake people make and often why we fall off the bandwagon is because we go too hard too soon and try to change everything at once. This isn’t maintainable. Make easy, small changes each week to move towards your goals. I always tell my girls to make one change each week and keep carrying them over so they become a habit. Eg week one you might choose to go from drinking Lattes to drinking long blacks. Then the next week that carries over, PLUS you may choose to remove processed sugars… and so on.


Move your body every day. No excuses.

Start small, especially if you are new to fitness. I am not saying run a marathon every day. What I want you to do is make a routine out of moving your body. Start your day on a high with some energizing endorphins. Start with a simple walk each day, the maybe you increase it to 3 walks and 2 gym classes etc.


If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Preparation is key. Schedule in time for diet, training, work and other activities. Write a plan every Sunday for the week ahead to set yourself up for success. On Sundays you may like to prep your meals, and write out your training / activity schedule. This way you know your plan, you’re accountable and and it is easier stick to it.


Consistency is key.

Be consentient with training, diet and your mind set and I promise progress will happen.


Slip ups happen.

We are all human, we all have bad days; mistakes and slip ups are a natural part of life. There is no point stressing about it. If you mess up on your diet or miss a training session, don’t stress about it and punish your self, just get back on track straight away.


Enjoy the journey.

Yes of course the destination matters but you HAVE TO enjoy the journey. If you hate every minute of your new changes/ lifestyle it wont be long term and it isn’t maintainable. If you enjoy each and every day, learning to love new healthy foods, the way your body feels when you eat well, the endorphins of training etc then you are more likely to stick to you plan and stay on track for the long run. I also suggest that you reward progress. Maybe that means a healthy treat meal every fortnight or a massage because you’ve trained hard. Reward the little wins because they matter. Little wins consistently make for great success.


I hope you enjoyed those tips and feel inspired to embark on you’re new, healthier lifestyle.


If you would like to see a more tips and a deeper explanation of the above then please click the link below.


All of my love and blessings,

Ray x


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