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We’ve all heard the saying; “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I believe this statement is 100 percent true. Which, is why, even though I work from home most days I STILL prep my meals so that I am never tempted to be lazy and reach for something “easy”. By having all of your food cooked and weighed, you are always accountable, always in control and it is easy to stay on track.

I am always asked about how I prep my meals, what I like to eat etc. I personally am no master chef. so if I can do it, trust me you can do it too! Today I will share with you my top tips for the most time efficient meal prep. If you would like to see me getting “hot and fresh in the kitchen” (insert R. Kelly’s Ignition music) or more on what I eat during my prep, then click this link . <3


  1. Make your plan: know exactly what you need and what you’re eating for the week. Then, make a list and take it with you shopping. You don’t want to forget anything .
  2. Time savers: Buy foods that eliminate time in the kitchen such as “Ready in 90sec” rice packs, rice cakes, tinned tuna, nuts, oats, protein powder, and some ready to go salad mixes from the shop etc. TIP: DID YOU KNOW – you can save time cooking sweet potato by poppin’ it in the microwave for just 6 minutes and it comes out perfect ( see video linked above).
  3. Pre Prep: get out all you ingredients and prep/ chop everything you need before you start cooking, this way when it is time to get underway, you’re ready to go.
  4. Keep it simple: When it comes to meal prep, don’t go overboard. This will ensure you save time in the kitchen but it is also easier to track macros this way. I don’t often use more than 5 ingredients in my meals (see video above).
  5. Flavor your food: prepped meals do not have to be boring. Invest in spices that you like and some low calorie, macro friendly sauces and master chef away.
  6. Keep it fresh: So many people complain about “old prepped food”, this is why I like to do 2 small preps rather than one big one. This ensures my food stays fresh and tastes the best.
  7. Snack Attack: I keep chopped veggies in containers and rice cakes handy, so that when I want a snack they are ready for me. This makes other options less tempting.
  8. Know your macros: Not all proteins, fats and carbs are created equal (in fact, most of them are VERY different) so make sure you are weighing and calculating correctly so you’re not hindering your progress with out even knowing it.
  9. Weigh your food: this is so incredibly important especially if you are just starting out. Calories do add up and this is why it is important to portion out and know how much you’re eating. This way you are completely in control. Often we will over or under estimate how much we eat so weigh away ;). This is probably my number one tip!
  10. Get creative: meal prep honestly does not need to be boring, you can still have most of your favorite foods, just in a smarter, healthier way. For example, use a Spiralizer to make Zucchini noodles instead of using regular pasta (video coming soon). Then just add some turkey or beef mince, some tinned tomatoes, a few spices and BOOM your old favorite is your new lean lunch.


Now you’ve got no excuses 😉

Happy prepping my loves!!!

If you’re looking for a more in depth chat on meal prep please head to the YouTube video linked above.


Ray Xoxo

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