Choose your Challenge FAQ’s

Sign ups for my 6 Week “Choose your Challenge” which launches on the 15th of January are NOW OPEN!

Since I’ve been receiving lots of emails about the challenges, I have put together some frequently asked questions to make it easier to choose which is the best program for you!


Will I get a personalised Meal Plan?

– YES, both the Shred and Booty Challenges include a personalised meal plan with macros. I supply you with your macros so that if you choose to make substitutions in your meal plan (to mix it up from time to time), you can do this easily.

I am a Vegan, can this be catered for?

– YES, as your meal plan is personalised to suit you and your requirements, I can cater for all dietary requirements. Including Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, or other dietary requirements such as gluten or dairy intolerance.

I don’t live in Australia, can I participate in the Challenge?

– YES, absolutely you can! My Shred and Booty Challenges are both open Worldwide. I train clients all over the world, and have a large amount of clients in countries such as New Zealand, US and UK. If you are concerned that the foods in my diets may not be accesible to you – don’t be worried! As a part of your challenge you fill out a pre-challenge questionnaire, where you can list for me foods that are available, and I can incorporate these into your diet.

Are there different workouts every day?

– YES, both the Shred and Booty Challenges include a 6 week training plan. The training plan includes 6 training days per week, and 1 full rest day. Every workout is different, so you will remain motivated and not lose interest!

Do I need to go to the Gym to complete these Challenges?

– YES and NO. The Booty Challenge requires a Gym to complete the program. The Shred Challenge can be completed without complex gym equipment. The Shred Challenge only requires a small amount of equipment: skipping rope, ankle weights, cables, kettlebell, barbbells, dumbbells and a cardio machine (e.g treadmill, stationary bike).

I’m on Holidays until after the start date, can I start later?

– YES, you sure can! The official start date of the Challenge is the 15th of January. However provided you have purchased your program and submitted your questionnaire before the 14th of Jan, you are more than welcome to start when you are ready. Please note, you must submit your final photos by the end of the Challenge to be eligible to win (even if you start later).


To join TEAM BOOTY – Click here

To join TEAM SHRED – Click here

If you have any other questions about the Challenges, please email us to so we can help you!




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